The Day-to-Day

The majority of my time is spent as Creative Director at The Print Shoppe, where I lead a talented & passionate team in crafting exceptionally printed materials and beautiful designs.

I also try to squeeze in some writing every day (some of it for this blog, some of it for the books I’m working on.


I have been deeply involved in dozens of organizations, helping fuel growth, improve efficiency & process, and cultivate leadership. Some of the areas I can help with include:

  • Starting up
  • Creating Processes
  • Digital Marketing Strategies

Freelance Design & Development

I regularly take on freelance projects that range in scope from brand identity work, to website redesign & development, to search marketing.

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Advising & Mentoring

I try to give back as much as I can. Friends and acquaintances regularly ask me for advice regarding their newest business venture. I love to be involved on the ground floor and help someone build something awesome. I love making a difference! If you’d like to pick my brain, schedule a call with me on Clarity.