Take a deep dive into my experience, expertise, and working style.

My Work History

With a marketing career spanning 14+ years and a wide range of industries, I bring a background that allows me to tackle each challenge from a unique lens.

ClicData is an EU-based end-to-end data and business intelligence platform, that helps organizations of all sizes get from data to decision faster.

  • Built a ground-up data-driven and process-oriented SaaS GTM marketing strategy centered around lead and demand generation, contributing to 3x average deal size, record net new pipeline build in a month, and biggest new ACV quarter in company history
  • Defined and honed Ideal Customer Personas and Customer Journeys
  • Helped ideate departmental dashboards, KPIs, and goals
  • Boosted brand awareness and credibility by generating reviews across comparison sites such as G2 and Capterra
  • Helped architect a comprehensive content marketing + SEO plan in coordination with the global marketing team
  • Leveraged buyer intent data to generate target account lists for account-based marketing/sales
  • Planned and executed paid performance and retargeting campaigns across LinkedIn and Google, averaging around $1.27 CPC
  • Collaborated with sales leadership to map out partner program strategy and support existing partner accounts
  • Worked with the regional sales team to plan and execute omnichannel outreach campaigns
  • Partnered with the global marketing team to build and maintain strong brand marketing standards across events and web + social properties
  • Negotiated and managed vendor contracts for the North American region
  • Planned and managed event (tradeshow) marketing for the region
  • Managed an annual marketing budget of approximately $240k
  • Vetted, hired, and managed design and content freelancers

Founded in 2002, QuickGifts is the leading provider of local gift card content online and helps SMBs increase gift sales

  • Drove eCommerce transaction growth of 34.76%, counteracting a dramatic reduction in the merchant partner base due to COVID-19 shutdowns
  • Led and managed brand, product, and growth marketing by developing B2B relationships, establishing KPIs measuring marketing effectiveness, digital ad development, and managing merchant communications
  • Crafted go-to-market strategy for B2B merchant marketing program, piloting to 100+ merchant concepts
  • Established, orchestrated, and optimized multi-channel B2B2C campaigns (email, Facebook/Instagram ads, + Google Ads) to drive gift card sales for 100+ merchant concepts, slashing CPC from $2.22 to $0.72, and raising CTR from 0.3% to 0.9%, and achieving an average boost of ~25% in gift card sales
  • Created and orchestrated a technical SEO strategy that drove 57.48% growth in eCommerce traffic, including a 241.33% boost in organic search traffic
  • Implemented Facebook Marketplace integration, resulting in a 34.57% lift in organic social traffic
  • Overhauled B2B2C email marketing strategy targeting 600k+ subscribers, reaching 42%+ open rates on broadcast marketing emails
  • Cultivated content partnerships during the pandemic to drive traffic and sales for the merchant partner base
  • Engineered and executed marketing plans, provided creative direction and operations oversight, and led teams totaling 15 people, leading to a $546K (84%) increase in revenue
  • Produced demand generation strategy utilizing tactics spanning search engine optimization, content development, email/retention marketing, and digital (search/social) advertising
  • Fashioned brand and reputation management programs including partner marketing, radio advertising, print advertising, and public relations
  • Built and cultivated two teams of 5 employees that designed and/or manufactured 8,000+ internal and client projects
  • Collaborated with 100+ clients to compose multi-touch direct mail marketing campaigns across B2B and B2C industries
  • Conceptualized a content marketing strategy that drove a 125.65% boost in traffic
  • Planned and launched a B2B eCommerce product/program, accounting for an ongoing ~10% boost in company revenue
  • Spearheaded the growth of the creative department, and added new revenue lines including digital design services, expanded direct mail services, and eCommerce fulfillment services
  • Managed an overall budget of $1.2M+ including forging and managing relationships with vendors and subcontractors
  • Identified and deployed complex manufacturing equipment and software systems and formulated standard operating procedures for design, sales, manufacturing, and fulfillment operations
  • Forged stringent quality control standards, checklists, and processes for custom manufactured products
  • Designed, developed multiple WordPress websites for in-house consumer packaged products
  • Managed online ads, including Facebook Ads, Google Ads, and Youtube Ads
  • Managed & implemented SEO strategies across multiple brands and web properties
  • Developed digital marketing plans and strategies
  • Managed teams of up to 20 employees, including scheduling and operational procedures
  • Developed and executed marketing strategies, including local marketing, radio, events, and in-store promotions
  • Launched catering program including pricing development and operating processes
Wins + Outcomes

How I’ve helped employers and clients level up their marketing.

B2B SaaS

Built a ground-up data-driven and process-oriented SaaS GTM marketing strategy centered around lead and demand generation, contributing to 3x average deal size, record net new pipeline build in a month, and biggest new ACV quarter in company history

eCommerce Marketplace

Slashed CPC from $2.22 to $0.72 and raised CTR from 0.3% to 0.9%, generating a boost of ~25% in sales

Subscription eCommerce

Helped set the strategy for an eCommerce marketplace, raising the average order value by 162.22% within 30 days

B2B Fintech

Developed a large-scale testing and optimization program in preparation for a critical product launch.

Retail + eCommerce

Launched a high-end fashion brand’s retail and eCommerce businesses, propelling the average session value to $11.32 in the 1st 15 days

B2B Services & Manufacturing

Increased revenue by 84% in an industry that shrank by 9% over the same period

eCommerce Marketplace

Created and orchestrated a technical SEO strategy that drove 57.48% growth in eCommerce traffic, including a 241.33% boost in organic search traffic


Implemented Facebook Marketplace integration, resulting in a 34.57% lift in organic social traffic

B2B Healthtech SaaS

Supported the C-Suite in launching a SaaS to the medical clinic market

Skills + Expertise

Explore the vast toolkit I’ll employ for you

Soft Skills + Leadership

I offer a balanced mindset: managing costs for short-term ROI while leading with an eye on sustainable, long-term growth.

  • Problem Solving
  • Player-Coach Leadership
  • Communication + Collaboration
  • Attention-to-Detail
  • Adaptability
  • KPI Formulation + Reporting
  • Budget Management
  • Agile Methodology
  • Project Management
  • Process Development
  • Vendor + Agency Management
  • Contract Negotiation
  • Coachability

Marketing Strategy

  • Demand Generation
  • Product Marketing
  • Growth Marketing
  • Operational Marketing
  • Lifecycle Marketing
  • Account-Based Marketing
  • Inbound + Content Marketing
  • Revenue Marketing

Product Marketing

  • Product Positioning
  • Product Messaging + Story
  • Ideal Customer Persona (ICP) Development
  • Go-To-Market Strategy
  • Customer Research + Segmentation
  • Pricing Strategy
  • Competitive Intelligence
  • Voice of Customer

Demand Generation

  • Sales Alignment +Enablement
  • Content Strategy + Development
  • Brand Awareness + PR
  • Buyer Intent
  • Pay-Per-Click Advertising
  • Reputation Management
  • Events + Conferences
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Email Marketing + Automation
  • Pipeline Growth
  • Retargeting
  • Performance Marketing
  • Content Syndication

Marketing Operations

Creative + Technical Skills

  • Google Analytics + Tag Manager
  • Technical SEO
  • Shopify Admin + Development
  • WordPress + WooCommerce Development
  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • HTML/CSS/jQuery
  • Microsoft Office
  • Copywriting
  • Creative Direction

Current Certifications

Updated Dec. 2023

8 Intangibles I’ll Bring to the Table

Process-Driven Mindset

I tackle challenges strategically by codifying solutions to build an efficiently scalable growth engine. This involves streamlining workflows, establishing standardized methods, and fostering a structured and adaptive work environment.

Agile Marketing Methodology

Embracing agility + iteration allows for swift and data-driven course corrections, fostering constant improvement and consistent ideation. This approach enables me to adapt rapidly to evolving market dynamics, leveraging insights and analytics to refine strategies, enhance campaign performance, and ensure a continuous cycle of innovation.

Unabating Curiosity

My curiosity pushes me to uncover the root cause behind symptoms, and solve problems at the source rather than slapping a band-aid on.

Altitude- and discipline-agnostic

As an entrepreneur, former operations director, and salesperson I bring strong financial literacy and acumen for cross-functional knowledge to the marketing team. I’m also adept at soaring at a high level with a bird’s eye view and then swooping down into the weeds and hacking away at a problem when needed.

Radical Candor

On a similar theme, I’m known for speaking my mind in the workplace. I’ll tell the story as it is, and won’t hold back feedback that I think will drive the company forward.

Bankable Leadership

By creating intentional relationships with both peers and direct reports — founded on mutual respect and leadership by example and exemplified by my player-coach approach — I strive to align the team around a singular marketing vision that delivers predictable outcomes.

Cross Functionally Collaborative 

Being well-versed in fluid and startup environments, I’m at home wearing many hats and collaborating across functions and departments. Additionally, I believe that the best marketers need a holistic understanding of business processes (and therefore, the full customer journey).

Autonomy + a Bias for Action

I excel in working autonomously, demonstrating a strong bias for action. With a proactive mindset, I take initiative, make swift decisions, and execute plans efficiently. This approach ensures that I consistently deliver results and navigate challenges effectively, contributing to a dynamic and productive work environment.