Current Hourly Rates – Implementation

Updated Nov 2023

Use For

  • Periodic Website Maintenance
  • Small-to-medium feature upgrades
  • Ongoing content/feature updates
  • Technical Consulting
  • Marketing Implementation (PPC, SEO, Email/Automation, etc.)


  • A minimum 5-hour block is required to reserve time in my schedule/queue
  • If you decide to upgrade from the 5-hour block, you’ll be charged the difference
  • Additional blocks can be purchased as needed, or the project can continue at a rate of $125/hr, billed every Tuesday for the previous week’s work
  • Weekly capacity is at my discretion – typically no more than 3-5 hours per week per client (on average)
  • You must keep a card/payment method on file, or prepay for all work
  • Hours do not expire or lose value

Rate Table

Hourly RateTotal CostSavings
5-Hour Block$125$625$0 / 0%Book Now
10-Hour Block$112.50$1,125$125 / 10%Book Now
Existing Clients Only
20-Hour Block$110$2,200$300 / 12%Book Now
Existing Clients Only
30-Hour Block$102$3,060$540 / 15%Currently Unavailable

These rates are for “simple work”. This includes things like web development, graphic design, simple copy editing, email marketing + automation, and pay-per-click ad setup.

Strategic work (such as marketing consulting, business consulting, etc.) may be billed at a higher rate.

All work is billed through Growth On Call LLC (W2 is available on request) and payable by credit card.