TL;DR: I’m a dynamic, versatile, and seasoned marketing leader, and I pride myself on my aptitude for problem-solving and leadership.

Still here? Here are some of the intangibles I bring to the table:

  • Process-driven approach. As I attack challenges, I aim to codify solutions to scale the growth engine more efficiently.
  • Agile marketing methodology + bias for action. My iterative mindset delivers quick + data-driven course correction, constant iteration, and consistent ideation.
  • Unabating curiosity. My curiosity pushes me to uncover the root cause behind problems and solve them at the source rather than slapping a band-aid on.
  • Altitude- and discipline-agnostic. As an entrepreneur, former operations director, and salesperson, I bring strong financial literacy and an acumen for cross-functional knowledge to the marketing team. I’m also adept at soaring at a high level with a bird’s eye view and then swooping into the weeds and hacking away at a problem when needed.
  • Radical Candor. On a similar thread, I’m known for speaking my mind in the workplace. I’ll tell the story as it is and won’t hold back feedback that will drive the company forward.
  • Bankable Leadership. By creating intentional relationships with peers and direct reports — founded on mutual respect and leadership by example and exemplified by my player-coach approach — I strive to align the team around a singular marketing vision that delivers predictable outcomes.