About Me

Howdy, I'm Rishi! I bet you're wondering what it's like to work with me...

8 Intangibles I’ll Bring to the Table

Process-Driven Mindset

I tackle challenges strategically by codifying solutions to build an efficiently scalable growth engine. This involves streamlining workflows, establishing standardized methods, and fostering a structured and adaptive work environment.

Agile Marketing Methodology

Embracing agility + iteration allows for swift and data-driven course corrections, fostering constant improvement and consistent ideation. This approach enables me to adapt rapidly to evolving market dynamics, leveraging insights and analytics to refine strategies, enhance campaign performance, and ensure a continuous cycle of innovation.

Unabating Curiosity

My curiosity pushes me to uncover the root cause behind symptoms, and solve problems at the source rather than slapping a band-aid on.

Altitude- and discipline-agnostic

As an entrepreneur, former operations director, and salesperson I bring strong financial literacy and acumen for cross-functional knowledge to the marketing team. I’m also adept at soaring at a high level with a bird’s eye view and then swooping down into the weeds and hacking away at a problem when needed.

Radical Candor

On a similar theme, I’m known for speaking my mind in the workplace. I’ll tell the story as it is, and won’t hold back feedback that I think will drive the company forward.

Bankable Leadership

By creating intentional relationships with both peers and direct reports — founded on mutual respect and leadership by example and exemplified by my player-coach approach — I strive to align the team around a singular marketing vision that delivers predictable outcomes.

Cross Functionally Collaborative 

Being well-versed in fluid and startup environments, I’m at home wearing many hats and collaborating across functions and departments. Additionally, I believe that the best marketers need a holistic understanding of business processes (and therefore, the full customer journey).

Autonomy + a Bias for Action

I excel in working autonomously, demonstrating a strong bias for action. With a proactive mindset, I take initiative, make swift decisions, and execute plans efficiently. This approach ensures that I consistently deliver results and navigate challenges effectively, contributing to a dynamic and productive work environment.