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Howdy! I’m Rishi!

Doesn’t your organization deserve a better marketing ROI?

I’m a dynamic, seasoned problem solver who loves tackling your biggest marketing challenges. The 3 challenges I’m best suited to tackle are:

  • Building Your Growth Engine From the Ground Up
  • Helping You Tap Into New Markets or Launching New Products
  • Unlocking & Unblocking: Allow Your Marketing Team to Perform to Their Full Potential

Let’s explore if I’m a good fit to help you level up your growth efforts.

Wins + Outcomes

How I’ve helped employers and clients level up their marketing.

B2B SaaS

Built a ground-up data-driven and process-oriented SaaS GTM marketing strategy centered around lead and demand generation, contributing to 3x average deal size, record net new pipeline build in a month, and biggest new ACV quarter in company history

eCommerce Marketplace

Slashed CPC from $2.22 to $0.72 and raised CTR from 0.3% to 0.9%, generating a boost of ~25% in sales

Subscription eCommerce

Helped set the strategy for an eCommerce marketplace, raising the average order value by 162.22% within 30 days

B2B Fintech

Developed a large-scale testing and optimization program in preparation for a critical product launch.

Retail + eCommerce

Launched a high-end fashion brand’s retail and eCommerce businesses, propelling the average session value to $11.32 in the 1st 15 days

B2B Services & Manufacturing

Increased revenue by 84% in an industry that shrank by 9% over the same period

eCommerce Marketplace

Created and orchestrated a technical SEO strategy that drove 57.48% growth in eCommerce traffic, including a 241.33% boost in organic search traffic


Implemented Facebook Marketplace integration, resulting in a 34.57% lift in organic social traffic

B2B Healthtech SaaS

Supported the C-Suite in launching a SaaS to the medical clinic market

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